Filmography: TV Series
Rescue Me (2006)
John Scurti, Mike Lombardi, Steven Pasquale, Jack McGee, Daniel Sunjata, James McCaffrey, Andrea Roth, Denis Leary

From the creators and executive producers of The Job comes Rescue Me, which centers on the inner workings of Engine 62, a New York City firehouse, and the personal and emotional battles of its members in a post-9/11 world. The show focuses on Tommy Gavin, the senior firefighter whose life is in turmoil as he copes with the stresses and fears of his job as well the separation from his wife Janet. Tommy moves into a house across the street from her to stay close to their three children and keep an eye on her. The stresses and fears of his job are manifested through conversations with his dead cousin Jimmy Keefe, a former firefighter, as well as the haunting memories of people he has watched perish on the job.
Taylor appears as Shirley in the episode 'Zombies'.
Jackie's Back – A portrait of a Diva (1999)
Jenifer Lewis, Timm Curry, T.V. Blake, Tangie Ambrose and Whoopie Goldberg

Soul diva Jackie Washington is determined to hit the comeback trail but seems to be having trouble finding the on-ramp in the mock-documentary comedy Jackie's Back. Jackie (played by Jenifer Lewis) was a Rhythm and Blues singer who had a few late '60's and early 70's hits, including "Yield" and the memorable "Look At Me (My Love For You Has Only Made Me Love Me More)," but she's spent much of the 80's and 90's playing the "Where Are They Now?" circuit. However, Jackie has organized what she hopes will be a gala comeback concert, and filmmaker Edward Whatsett St. John (Tim Curry) is on hand to film the event, and discusses the high and (frequent) low points of Jackie's career with such friends and well-wishers as Bette Midler, Liza Minnelli, Penny Marshall, Jackie Collins and Dolomite himself, Rudy Ray Moore. Meanwhile, Jackie's big gig is not going quite the way she planned.

Taylor makes a cameo appearance as
Searching for Jimi Hendrix (1999)
Searching For Jimi Hendrix chronicles a journey into the creative souls of contemporary musicians to discover the dpth and breadth of that vision in today’s music. Two years in the making, the album took shape in recording studios from London to Hollywood toNew York from a front porch to a living room to a church, from a Hollywood rehearsal space to a Manhattan loft to a European jazz festival. Interpreting his music in their own unique and intimate ways, on songs they chose themselves, Hendrix is found in the rap of Chuck D. (of Public Enemy), the rock of Los Lobos, the blues of Charlie Musselwhite, the modern country of Rosanne Cash, the jazz of Cassandra Wilson and film composer Mark Isham, the ska of Neville and Sheena Staples (of The Specials), the electronic experimentalism of Laurie Anderson, the funky pop of Taylor Dayne, the Latino rock of Los Illegals and the gospel of the Five Blind Boys Of Alabama.

As rediscovered by these artists, Hendrix is sometimes raucous, loud and crazy, and other times warm, tender and thoughtful. Always, he is filled with emotion… and continues to live on through his songs.

This film illustrates Jimi’s influence on performers from all genres of music and celebrates his talent as a composer. The Spirit of Jimi Hendrix is everywhere - in the fingers of every rock guitarist, in the heart of the generation that grew up in the Sixties. Yet Hendrix was more than a legendary musician or a cultural icon. He was also a truly great American songwriter, a composer of modern classics.
Rude Awakening (1999)
Episodes featuring Taylor:
'Season Premiere'
'If I Could See Me Now' (Part 1)
'If I Could See Me Now' (Part 2)
'Yes Sir, That's My Baby'
'On The Rocks With A Twist Of Limey'

Taylor plays a recovering alcohlic called
Maureen, who along with Sherilynn Fenn in lead-role gets herself into all kinds of mischief.
Martial Law (1999)
Gretchen Egolf, Arsenio Hall, Sammo Hung, Tammy Lauren, Louis Mandylor and Tom Wright

Chinese action superstar Sammo Hung spins, kicks, and chops his way as the one-man police department in Los Angeles. He is a tough law enforcer, who came to the US looking for a former friend and protegee. Now he's part of the L.A.P.D. and will do anything to get the bad guys.

In the episode 'Thieves Among Thieves' Taylor plays
Elena Finn, a tough criminal.
Nightman (1997)
Felicia M. Bell, Jayne Heitmeyer, Earl Holliman, Derwin Jordan, Matt McColm, Derek Webster and Michael Woods

Johnny has many talents. He works as a saxophone player at a nightclub, but his true profession is master of martial arts. But his career takes a bit of a spin. After being struck by lightning he appears to have become clairvoyant. Johnny starts having visions and hunches that enable him to save lives.

In the pilot 'World Premiere (parts 1&2)' Taylor plays
Carla Day and performs Someone To Watch Over Me at Johnny’s nightclub.